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2014-02-24 13:42:16 by RandomRoarness

With the end of the era of the Newgrounds Store ending on Febuary 27th. I have only but one regret: Never applomishing the task of purchasing a Mystery Box of RandomRoarness's own. Ohhh the horrid tragedy that fills and empties the contents of my body's being with grim voidness. Anywho, to commemorate the ending of soon to be fairy tale that we call "The Newgrounds Store", allow myself to set this photo of the Mystery Box's icon way up on the high seas that this burning boat will carry. [Sidenote: I noticed the message log thingy where we write our newspost has changed just now. . . Has it been ongoing for long?] EDIT: Okay, so whenever I tried to upload the icon it appeared messy on the text so scratch that. Aaaaannnnd for some reason the text itself is being bundled up annoyingly together sadly.

I found my Soul Mate.

2013-11-06 02:56:44 by RandomRoarness

What should I do with my life now?


2013-10-21 09:41:32 by RandomRoarness

Since my birthday is coming up tomorrow what should I do? I have no plans whatsoever.

Reliving Childhood ambitions. wsv asevine

2013-10-11 04:26:49 by RandomRoarness

^ Says it all. I figured I should get contacts from this site.

Person[You guys]: "Any other news ol' RandomRoarness The Great?

Nope. Oh wait, I'm turning 19 later this month. Now Fly away.
(Image has no relation to the topic but it does now)

Reliving Childhood ambitions. wsv asevine

Then there are other times when I let you guys touch me as I play Shin Megami Tensei and Dot.Hack games.

Also, I feel the need to mention that RandomDent is the equivalent to a Hideyoshi.(The attach photo)

Ask thy self anything. ANYTHING AT ALL.

Sometimes I touch myself....

Insult me!

2012-09-18 01:15:36 by RandomRoarness

I fucking dare you.

Happy 420!!

2012-04-20 15:42:09 by RandomRoarness

End of current news feed.

Steam work harder!

2012-01-15 16:11:08 by RandomRoarness

After submitting this. Steam should work harder :/
I want to play Dead Space already

Steam work harder!

And it's these badges

I found a new meaning of life


2012-01-05 18:04:10 by RandomRoarness

I am so excited.