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Party Dancefloor - Dj-U Party Dancefloor - Dj-U

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I think you should attend some musical classes before attempting to make another song again.
Sidenote: Those 6 downloads you speak of.... never mind. I'll just be insulting you mainly instead of giving you advice.

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DJ-Ultimax responds:

10 dawnloads nub

Insomnia - Mr Fijiwiji (B4M) Insomnia - Mr Fijiwiji (B4M)

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Pretty good

though i feel like you coulda added something along with it. something in the background or so....prehaps. Might just be my imagination i suppose but yeah as far as that Good job :]

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SUB4RU responds:

Yeah, I completey agree. I said that in the first review I responded to ;)

Since the comp is over now, I might spend more time on adding background things in!

- BeefourMusic -

Sunra - Atonement Sunra - Atonement

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It got me

The lyrics really touches and hits deep. though it sounds bland, the vocals that is. the song itself itself is good. just...i think it'll sound better with emotion.

Sunraw responds:

Thanks, I'm glad the lyrical content reached you. I really am trying to work on my emotion. To be honest, I actually rapped this with a very, very loud and angry voice, I don't know why it comes off to everyone as so bland, I must just be innately depressing lol. I will make sure to work on it, I'm also getting a studio quality mic this coming Friday so that may help portray my emotion better.

Epixture Epixture

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Made me want to suddenly draw again. I thank you for making this wonderful piece of work. :D